The “Progetto Vita” Association in Piacenza was the first European project in the area regarding “Early Defibrillator” designed and developed to prevent sudden death due to cardiac arrest.

It was conceived by Prof. Alessandro Capucci and Dr. Daniela Aschieri and was developed thanks to the contribution of doctors, nurses and volunteers of the association.

LAMINATI CAVANNA spa was the first private European company to purchase a defibrillator, creating and training a team of volunteers among our employees. Our defibrillator is available for use for the Industrial Zone of Calendasco in the Ponte Trebbia area and is included in the list of available defibrillators for the surrounding area.

Every year we organize new training courses for our team members in order to update them and ensure that they are ready to intervene in case of emergency

The project consists of the creation of a network of “semiautomatic defibrillators” located in strategic points around the city and the province of Piacenza which are used by “non-healthcare” personnel.

The objective is to intervene before the fateful “5 golden minutes” from the onset of a cardiac arrest until the arrival of the ambulance.

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