LAMINATI CAVANNA S.p.A. is specialized in coating and laminating plastic film for food, pharmaceuticals, technical and industrial packaging.

The company’s main objective regarding sustainability is to ensure the protection of the environment and its natural resources along with preventing pollution.

For this reason, LAMINATI CAVANNA SpA not only guarantees compliance with all environmental laws applicable to our business, but above all our company pursues the continuous improvement of our environmental performance by developing and following an Environmental Policy which constantly monitors all environmental aspects of the processes carried out, and thus preventing, eliminating or minimizing the relative impacts on the environment.

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In this Policy document, our company’s management has defined a general reference framework, within which the specific improvement objectives to be reached include the following:

  • Guarantee of adequate waste management in order to both reduce production of waste and improve recycling.

  • Control of energy resources consumption.

  • Awareness and training of company personnel to make them part of the management system implemented, with careful attention to those who are most involved in processes that affect the environment.

  • Empowerment of service providers regarding environmental protection issues, in order to minimize potential pollution risks associated with their business activities.

Our Environmental

Our Environmental

Controllo Politica Ambientale | Laminati Cavanna

To achieve these general objectives, our Company has made a commitment to implement an Environmental Management System that allows the following:

  • Create and maintain an active organizational structure to manage the system by delegating specific assignments of tasks, responsibilities and authorities indicated in the procedures of the System itself.

  • Develop relations with external bodies / authorities / companies in order to receive constant updates on legal requirements

  • Identify and prevent environmental risks deriving from the company’s production processes

  • Understand the context and identify our stakeholders’ expectations

  • Involve all staff in implementing the Policy and environmental objectives

  • Train personnel on operational issues related to environmental aspects

  • Constantly update the documentation of the System according to the reference standards / regulations

  • Create operational control procedures that guarantee the correct functioning of the system

  • Establish agreements and assistance contracts with external organizations / companies to ensure the continuous efficiency of the plants and equipment along with the correct management of all activities that have impacts on the environment

  • Periodically verify the adequacy and the possibilities to improve the elements of the System and the environmental aspects (through inspections, detection of non-compliance, definition of corrective actions) and to ascertain that the objectives have been achieved

  • Periodically review the Environmental Policy, the objectives and the implementation of the Management System to assess its effectiveness in terms of continuous improvement



and Behavior
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The Code of Ethics and Conduct was strongly requested by Laminati Cavanna’s top management.

It defines and contains values and principles that represent the company’s identity and raison d’être, handed down from generation to generation.

In fact, the company has always aimed at creating shared values, starting from its respect for mankind, for the environment and for the community in which it operates.

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct is consistent with these principles and it outlines ways of conduct aimed at inspiring all LAMINATI CAVANNA employees and collaborators, with the objective of achieving integrity and unity.

We also hope that this tool will be acknowledged by our external stakeholders, promoting the uniqueness of our company and helping to develop profitable relationships with them.

“We want to live up to our past and be ready for the future, ensuring continuity and the ability to adapt to changes in addition to spreading a model of sustainable business growth in the area where we operate.”

Anna Paola Cavanna, President of Laminati Cavanna

Carta etica del Packaging

LAMINATI CAVANNA S.p.A. was the first company in Italy to become an Ambassador of the Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation, committed to following its ten principles, devoted to spreading them and proposing initiatives to promote its contents


We are ambassadors of:

Ambasciatore Fondazione Carta Etica del Packaging