In 2001 we obtained the ISO 9000 Standard Certification and in 2017, the BRC Certification (grade AA) was obtained. These certifications guarantee not only the quality of our our work processes but also ensure a constant level of quality of service aimed at satisfying our customers’ needs. Quality innovation and continuous improvement are part of our corporate philosophy and are the values in which we define our laminating and quality control.

LAMINATI CAVANNA S.p.A is also equipped with a regenerative solvent-based thermal purification system, which proves how much attention we pay to environmental issues

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Our Quality Control Laboratory constantly monitors materials and production processes through:

• gas chromatographic analysis that allow the quantification of solvent residues during and at the end of the production process;

• analysis of mechanical resistance (using a dynamo-meter) to check the resistance to delamination, the sealing of the weld, the slipperiness coefficient, and the resistance to breaking of the final product;

• IR analysis (using FT-IR Bruker Spectrometer) to guarantee the homogeneity of the raw materials used and the completion of the drying phase at the time when the material is released to be sold and/or delivered.

Laminati Cavanna S.p.A. has completed an important process of adjusting and adapting our buildings, our production areas and our storage warehouses with the aim to ensure that our work processes are carried out in compliance with the mandatory food safety standards required by the market.

Obtaining the BRC Grade AA Certification in May 2017 attests the validity and importance of the investments that have been made by our top management to meet the our market’s standard requirements.

Concerning our subcontractors, the BRC Certification allows Customers and Suppliers to make use of our laminating and cutting business while at the same guaranteeing all required standards along the entire supply chain.

In the past last year our company has modified our material work flows and staff work flows by creating a loading bay and by building new locker rooms for employees and workers.

Laminati Cavanna has carried out training sessions on a constant basis and has placed the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System in both our main and secondary processes by defining with the Operating Procedures the daily operations of the employees up to the smallest details, paying careful attention to all hygienic, food safety and production site aspects.

(BRC SITE CODE 1796296).

See the document regarding our quality policy